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Check Engine Light

The infamous “Check Engine” light. It’s the one light that motorists dread the most. It could be for a multitude of reasons why it illuminates— some are simple to diagnose, and others, not so much. Sometimes the problem that caused the light to turn on can indicate other problems in the near future and sometimes nothing further may happen if you let it go. Ultimately, you’ll have to fix the problem to pass vehicle emissions testing, because “Big Brother” is now watching!

So, now what do you do? First, find out what caused the light to turn on in the first place. When you bring in your vehicle, a technician will run a diagnostic check and read the codes generated from the computer. Your repair technician should be able to let you know if the problem is going to trigger other issues and if it’ll benefit you to get it repaired immediately or if it’s something you can live with for a while so you can save money for the repair. Use caution when choosing to delay the repair, because if something else goes wrong, you won’t know it, due to the Check Engine light already being illuminated.

Next after reading the code(s), testing must be done to find what is actually wrong. We've seen a lot of unneeded parts replaced due to a lack of testing. Sometimes the computer will direct you to a specific part, such as an oxygen sensor, or a system failure, like the evaporative emissions system.

Finally, it’s time for the repair. If it involves an electrical part, don’t go for the least expensive you can find. Each vehicle’s electronics have specific parameters to operate within. Some companies, as well as repair facilities, try to stay competitive by generating and using “universal” parts that fit multiple vehicle types. Be cautious, as this could actually cause other issues in the future.


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