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Don't Let Your Car Get Out of Shape

Don't Let Your Car Get Out of Shape

So, you and your car have been sitting around the house for weeks now not doing much of anything.  Just like you, if your car sits too long, it will get out of shape.  The battery gets weak, the brakes get rusty, and the tires will tend to lose air pressure.  If it goes on too long, you could be spending some of your stimulus money on avoidable repairs. How do you avoid having these things happen you ask?  Simple, go for a 15 to 20 minute ride a couple of times a week.  Just like you, when your car exercises, it feels better and stays in much better shape.  The other thing to do, while you are out for a ride, is stop by your local repair shop and have them check the air in the tires.  To keep you safe, give us a call when you pull up and we will fill your tires up for free while you stay in your car. It's that simple!      

Nitrogen Versus Compressed Air In Your Tires

Nitrogen is Earth’s most abundant gas. In place of compressed air, can it benefit your tires to help them perform better, last longer, or increase fuel mileage? Air is comprised of approximately 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 1 percent of 13 other gases. It also contains, on average, 1-3 percent of water vapor. So is it worth eliminating the 22 percent of the other gases? My research revealed the nitrogen molecule has a more difficult time migrating through the rubber compound than air does. The other benefit is that nitrogen pressure does not fluctuate as much as regular compressed air with temperature changes. This is good because tire pressure can change as much as 1 psi for every 10 degrees in temperature variation with compressed air. The biggest benefit is that through the course of removing the other air molecules, it also removes most of the water vapor. This is key, as water vapor in your tire can cause more of a pressure swing than dry air and promote mor ... read more

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