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You Auto Know

You Auto Know

by Rick Koebernick
of K Auto Repair & Tire Center


In these tough economic times, everyone needs to think about where to spend money and where to cut back. It basically breaks down to what you need— and I stress need— to buy at the time.

As far as your vehicle’s repair and maintenance, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions, as well as the repair facility, about what should be serviced right away versus what can wait. Some questions to think about: How much can I really afford for repairs? Will I be taking a road trip this year? How long do I plan on keeping the vehicle? When you answer these, make sure you are being honest with yourself.

When your vehicle is in the shop to get checked over and you get the phone call to review the results, that’s when you should ask them questions. Keep in mind your answers while listening closely to their suggestions. When they say you need to have work done— brakes, for instance— the number one question is, “Why?” If they are worn out, what are the specifications and how do your brakes compare? If they are causing a pulsation, what will happen if you don’t do the work right away? If you are not comfortable with their answers, ask more questions until you are satisfied, and then make your decision.

Of course, you should never put off oil changes and other preventative maintenance that can cause bigger problems in the future, unless you have carefully gone over the pros and cons first. Just make sure your final decision is one that keeps you safe.

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